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Josh beren
Creative Coaching

Personal & Professional Acting, Writing, & Directing Support for Artists 

Virtual Sessions Available

Josh Beren 

Creative Coach

Josh is a lover of stories and storytellers. With a Philosophy degree from U.C. Berkeley, as well as his personal artistic experience as an actor, writer, and producer, he is honored, and humbled, to support the creative process with his amazing clients. He strives to help them create an intimate, reciprocal, and sustainable relationship with their craft. For it is that kind of healthy relationship to craft that results in the playful and profound experience of loving one's art and being loved by it back.

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Melinda Page Hamilton

Peripheral, Them, Ms. America, Damnation, Rectify, Messiah, How To Get Away With Murder, Mad Men, Big Love, Desperate Housewives, and more

"Josh Beren is the single greatest resource an actor can have. I have used him repeatedly for on-tape auditions and know him to be a brilliant and challenging coach as well as a skillful and supportive ally in all things creative. His flexibility, enthusiasm, passion and playfulness make those dreaded words 'self-tape' no longer a chore but an opportunity for creativity and fun."


Eric Nelsen

Two-Time Daytime Emmy Winner, Shakey Grounds, Holly by Nightfall, 1883, The Bay, 1 Night in San Diego, Ravage, Fraxtur, Walker, and more

"I had the privilege of working with Josh on all my episodes of 1883. The way in which he approaches text is unlike any coach I've worked with in the past. Aside from helping me develop my character, he helped me break down moments, scenes and uncover life far beyond what was written in the script. His approach and style lend itself to giving the actor a full emotional and physical understanding of his previous, current, and upcoming circumstances. Beyond 1883, Josh has helped me develop characters for auditions and upcoming projects. I Will be utilizing his skill set as a coach for as long as I can. Thank you for always putting the work first and giving yourself entirely to every character I bring you! "


James Landry Hébert

Horizon, To Leslie, 1883, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Stranger Things, Westworld, Taken, To Leslie, The Last Son, and more

"Josh's insight as a storyteller is one of the reasons he's my 'not so secret' weapon when it comes to auditions and bookings. He has a way of diving deep into the core on any scene while also highlighting these beautiful, practical, nuggets along the way.  I’ve used his coaching to creatively communicate with nearly everyone I work with; from top casting directors to some of the biggest directors in the business. I just don’t go to camera without talking to Josh first."

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Carter Roy

You, Narcos, Blue Bloods, Castle, Found Footage 3D, Stressed to Death, The Umbrella Man, Me + U, Royal Pains, and more

"Josh’s extraordinary, unique, ability as an acting coach is born from his deep understanding of storytelling, as both an actor and writer. His ability to break down a script and relay the critical aspects of story is like none I have ever seen. So when it comes time to coach a scene, he isn’t just repeating general acting ideas or some philosophical schtick about what acting is, he is specifically responding to what you bring as an actor in regards to what that particular script calls for in terms of story. And he does so in such a basic, clear way that it’s easy to grasp and apply. I’ve known Josh for years, have worked with him for years, and he  can describe the fundamental gears of a scene better than anyone, which is just such an incredible asset as an actor. It gives you specificity with your own choices. Coupled with his ability to listen, to hear what you’re bringing to a scene, and then nudge and invite it toward what suits the scene, makes him an incredible coach. Whenever I have a ‘must have’ audition, I call Josh."


Gratiela Brancusi

1883, Mayor of Kingstown, and more

"Josh is such a treasure for anyone who’s so lucky to meet him. Every time we work together, I feel like I’m going on a field trip. His mind is a bit of a miracle and I’m reminded of that with every story we devise. He’s also a haven of honesty and generosity. I’ve been beyond blessed to start working with him before I could even grasp the world that surrounds the work and more than once he was a beacon of light in my quest to find the path that’s right for me. I wish every actor had a Josh on their shoulder, especially the young. He possesses the very very rare but much needed teacher gene, a gift I’ve seldom encountered in people and value beyond. I can only hope to have Josh’s guidance until I’ll be a little old lady and to one day bring his writing to life onscreen. "

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Charlie Hofheimer

For All Mankind, The Man in the High Castle, The Mandela Effect, Would You Rather, Black Hawk Down, Escape at Dannemora, 24 Legacy, Mad Men, Turn, and more

"Josh is excellent at material analysis.  His ability to get to the crux of a scene, and to identify the subtle and even contradictory intentions of characters, is what makes him so great to work with.  In addition to understanding the forces that are working on the character, he is hyper-articulate and able to communicate complicated ideas in ways that are easy to apprehend." 

Lucio, Shannon Photo.jpg

Shannon Lucio

For All Mankind, The Right Stuff, American Horror Story, Roots, True Blood, Grey's Anatomy, The O.C. and more

"Josh has a thorough understanding of storytelling.  He succinctly and fully articulates the function your character plays and guides actors towards choices that support the story.  He often sees aspects of the character I was previously blind to.  His enthusiasm for the work makes the process playful and engaging.  I leave our sessions with confidence because I know I've explored many possibilities, and through that exploration, have found the key to the character."

Hannah James

Gray House, Holly By Nightfall, Outlander, Mercy Street, Westworld, Supergirl, Chicago Med, Two Sinners and a Mule, and more

"The support and overall feeling of “yea, I’ve got this. And I’ve got your back” that Josh leaves you with after every session is unparalleled. It’s as if he slips his hand into that of your character’s and walks you both through an intricate unraveling of this yet to be told story. That may seem fantastical, but I’m not sure there’s a better way I can describe the unique work he does. Josh has carried me through two productions, both rewarding and challenging for very different reasons. Having him as a resource and my greatest ally was more than a gift. It was a lifeline. A text that I sent him while on set this past summer probably says it best “…having your voice on set is like holding a small lock and key that lets me into this world and gets me back out.  Thank you!"

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Kale Clauson

Good Girls, Mom, Hello My Name is Doris, Grace and Frankie, Superstore, Chicago P.D., The Mentalist, and more

"Having worked with Josh for years now, I can say he's been instrumental to my development as an actor. His compassion for characters and well developed understanding of storytelling mechanics always provides a unique and valuable insight into performance. I can thank him for multiple successes in both television and film."


Nick Gomez

Fargo, She-Hulk, Fire Country, The Rookie, Bosch, Seal Team, Snatchers, Jumanji: Next Level, Looper, and more

"Whether it’s for an audition or a role that I’ve booked, if I’m looking to bring my 'A game' I always turn to Josh. His insight is unmatched and I know when I walk onto that set I will be fully prepared. He also happens to be a wonderful human being. 
He’s like an actors American Express, don’t leave home without him."


Josh Beren
Creative Coach


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